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[ Cylind vs Sphere forces >> turbulent field energy ~ Temperature ]

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[ Sun Dipole =1.G; MHD Eqns; magnetic buoyancy; hydromagnetic dynamo (a la Elasser); magnetic diffusion & coalescence; bands of B_toroidal beneath surface; convective cells "carry the lines of force"]

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[ SolWind >> B_radial , HydroCorona T=3e6K ]

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"Interplanetary Magnetic Measurements" [ Mariner-2 data with large systematic errors;
yet "characteristics similar to those expected on the basis of theory";
tendency to "use this [Parker] model, together with our data, to infer the [residual] spacecraft-field";
IMF is "consistent with general model ... of an Archimedes spiral", +/- polarity, "magnetic field lines ...tend to be dragged out by the solar wind" ]

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[ IMP-1 satellite data. IMF is "consistent with general model ... of an Archimedes spiral", +/- polarity, "magnetic field lines ...tend to be dragged out by the solar wind" ]

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[ IMF: Pioneer.5, Explorer.2, Mariner.2,4, IMP-1,3 ;
"The magnetized solar plasma contains a field of approximately 5gammas which is directed along the classical Archimedean spiral predicted by Parker;"
"deduced conclusively to bew of solar origin, is structured into 4 sectors;"
"interpreted on the basis of the 'frozen-in' flux concept introduce by Alfven"

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[ "transport the [transverse] solar magnetic field to a position near the earth";
"frozen field approximation";
current=0 below Source Surface at 1.7*Rsun;
Guesstimation EnergyDensity plots;
"Green's function solution" with Monopoles M =>> radial component only;
"The source surface tends to smooth out the photospheric field on a scale comparable to Rsou-Rsun";

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[ Invited Review: Monopolar Source Surface & Spirals ]

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[ Pioneer.10 "observations agree with theory",
after conflating "steady" with "fluctuating"

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Rev. Geophysics & Space Physics, 13, 589 (1975)
[ "largest scale detailed tracing of field lines achieved by man"
[Maxwell Eqns] "can apply so rigorously over an astronomical scale"
r^-2 IMF "consistent with the Parker (1958) Archimedian spiral"
Ness/Wilcox data for IMF @earth "consistent on average with Parker's spiral model;"
but "proper handling of electric currents within the corona is one of the major problems facing coronal models"

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[ Pioneer-10, spherical.harmonics (w/o Monopole!!) -> Photon.Mass.Upper.Limit }

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Rev. Geophysics & Space Physics, 15, 271 (1977).
[ Static electric field E_parallel =/ 0 = energy source ]
[ ** B-field DOES NOT MOVE ] [ "To ask whether a field line 'moves' or not has no meaning"
"frozen-in concept is very often invalidated ...
has led to serious misunderstanidng of important phenomena, particularly
when combined with the 'magnetic field line reconnection' concept ('magnetic merging')"
[ ** 4 Models (including Parker Spiral), all COMPLETE ELECTRIC CIRCUITS **]
[ "Double Layers" are effectively plasma CAPACITORS' ]
[ "eliminating electric currents" is a mistake ]

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[ ~~ proverbial 'Toe the Line, Hoe the Field' ]
[ conflates persistent with fluctuations ; strong statements of agreement w/ Parker Spiral ]

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[ "field directions are found, on average, to conform to the Parker spiral directions" ]

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[ V1, V2 1->9.5AU |B| ~ 4.75 (1+R^2)^.5 * R^-2
[ "strength B ... in agreement with the spiral field model"
[ "fluctuations in B relative to the mean field was large"

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[ "Observations of the radial variation of the large-scale magnetic field
[ strength in the ecliptic agree with the predictions of Parker's model
[ when temporal variations in the magnetic field and bulk speed are taken into account"

K.W. Behannon, L.F. Burlaga, J.T. Hoeksema, L.W. Klein,
Spatial Variation and Evolution of Heliospheric Sector Structures"
[ variation & evolution 1->25.AU, 5->27degLat;
[ V1,V2, Pioneer, WilcoxSolarObs

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Magnetic Field Structure of Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds at 1 AU"
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[** "magnetic clouds"
[ from Lundquist(1950) constant-alpha force-free field solution

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[ MHD model ; builds on Parker spiral "

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Heliospheric magnetic field strength out to 66 AU: Voyager 1, 1978 - 1996"
[ "consistent with Parker spiral"

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Voyager.1 observations from 2005 to 2008"
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2009##Burlaga (Ness, Sheeley) Voyager.I Radial & Sol.Cycle variations |B|~ 0.02-> 0.1nT 94.->108.A.U. |B| correlated with SolWind, Time-Shifted |B|~ 1.5->0.5nT 1.->9.A.U **Fig.5 = "Parker's model" precise fit.

Mack12 2012 Mackay, Yeates Sun's Global Photospheric and Coronal Mag Fields, Obs & Models ?? Living Reviews

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Chen17 2017 Chen Review force-free (JxB=0) Flux_Ropes Obs_&_Theo: CMEs maintain connection to Sun ## Parker Spiral from Alfven !! ## "ideal MHD is difficult to justify" : filaments, resistive photosphere